STRAIGHT SCREWDRIVERS - Push start - AMI Series-70

OBER power screwdrivers are designed for a wide range of screw driving operations. There is an OBER screwdriver purpose-built for your application. OBER screwdrivers are designed and constructed to ensure top performance in terms of precision, ergonomics, silence, reliability and safety.
They are used in all sectors of industry for component assembly and for fixing and tightening all types of screw fastener. The wide range of OBER screwdrivers includes models with torque control, angle screwdrivers with torque control, gun screwdrivers with combined lever/push start, straight and angle screwdrivers, electric screwdrivers and impact screwdrivers.
The overall quality of the screw driving process depends finding the right match between the screw type, the component material, the fastening components and the power screwdriver. To decide the right screwdriver for the job you need to know the torque to be transmitted to the screws and the clutch type.
In order to ensure complete control over assembly operations we have designed the exclusive “SCREWDRIVERS WITH HQ-PRO® PROCESS CONTROL. These make it possible to guide, control and document each individual screw driving operation. This product family enables secure, reliable assembly and at the same time documents that the process has been completed correctly and to the specified quality.